Our shipment of WALK UNAFRAID Empowerment Tape has arrived.
Now you too can Stand Up • Speak Out • Be Heard & Make a Scene ~ with our WALK UNAFRAID 3″ Reusable Caution Tape ~ Wear it • Wave it • Use it to inspire and empower!  The possibilities are  endless!

How will YOU use it?

WALK UNAFRAID™ Empowerment Tape

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE >>> ONLY $54.99 EACH. (REGULARLY $59.99 PER ROLL) For a limited time only, purchase one full 250 foot roll of WALK UNAFRAID™ Empowerment Caution Tape for only $54.99 to use anywhere you want to make a statement. 3 inch x 250 foot x 2 mil roll. Made in U.S.A.


FREE SHIPPING (Anywhere in the United States) for regular ground service.

We donate a portion of all sales to anti-violence organizations supporting victims, survivors and families. We’re committed – until the violence stops and everyone can WALK UNAFRAID.


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