All of our workshops can be customized to meet your needs.  Do you need a quick activity to inspire a group?  Or are you looking for a full day intensive?  We will help you determine the best tools for your needs.  Below are a few of the activities that we do.  

We Walk Unafraid 

Use this activity to discover fears that we all share. Start with a 1 hour activity, half day writing workshop, or a full day lecture and workshop.

Wealth and Power 

This activity challenges our ideas on about fairness and social responsibility. 

Privilege or Obstacle

Participants in this activity will explore the intricacies of privilege and the ways we may experience more privilege based on socially identified groups.

Crossing the Line

This activity is meant to show the general background of groups in response to racial, social, sexual and cultural differences.

Facing Shame

Workshop participants share the lifelong affects of sexual assault and explore the possibilities for post-traumatic growth.

Invisibility Lab

Investigates how people in different circumstances and cultures relate to invisibility and how their experiences of feeling invisible are similar or dissimilar to those of others.