Walk Unafraid at Feverish World Symposium

Walk Unafraid Participatory Audio Installation


Using the history of the participatory ‘Walk Unafraid’ platform, and the combined experience in social movements and art of artists Gabrielle Senza and jen berger will present a new interactive art installation for the Feverish World Symposium in Burlington, VT.

The two multidisciplinary creative activists come together to create an embodied experience of what prevents us from, and pushes us towards walking unafraid.

This installation is an immersive experience within an 8’x8’x8’ tent. An audio recording, exploring questions regarding activism and social change will play on a loop. Additionally, the tent will be constructed of a combination of barricade tape and canvas that is primed and will provide a surface for participants to answer some of these same questions in real time.

As socially engaged artists, part of our role is to create platforms for participation and change; whereas politicians and policy makers rely on statistics to create change. Artists use real life stories for meaningful impact.

In an era where media is as much a part of our days as eating and breathing, using an intimate platform, such as audio and handwritten texts, can give participants an opportunity to contemplate some questions that are on our minds.

Thinking about how we continue to move forward to create social change,
we invite you to share your thoughts to the following questions

1. What roles should artists, activists, academicians, NGOs, corporations and
governments play at this critical moment to lessen the divides that fracture our
world today?

2. What does it take to ‘show up’ and be unafraid?



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